Tippman Paintball Gun – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide!

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If you are a paint balling enthusiast, you surely don’t take the decision of which paintball gun you are going to buy lightly. If you are feeling intimidated before your paintball match and want to make a mindful decision about the guns you are going to use before stepping into the field then you are in the right place. Here is a complete guide to help you decide which paintball guns will let you dominate the paintball field.

The air guns used for paintball shooting are no lesser than an actual firearm in terms of accuracy and fire rate. All paintball guns are designed to use compressed gas (air or CO2) to shoot paint balls at high speed. When the paintball gun fires, a small bolt pushes the ball into the paintball barrel while sealing the ball in the barrel. Then, a valve releases compressed gas, which expands in the barrel, pushing the ball out of the other end.

The main difference between the several types of paintball guns is how the gun pushes the ball into the barrel, seals the barrel, and releases the gas into the barrel. Now, everybody has a different opinion on what the best paintball guns are depending on their personal preferences and budget. There is a diverse range in terms of the pricing from $100 to up to $2000 or even more. Tippmann paintball guns stand out from the competition because they manufacture top quality guns that are simple, affordable, and almost unbreakable.

Tippman Paintball Gun – The Best Paintball Gun in the market

Since its establishment, Tippman paintball guns have always been the most durable, rugged, and affordable paintball guns. Tippmann’s paintball guns are based on their time-tested real blowback platform, which is perfect for you if you are a beginner, casual or even an advanced paintball player. The Tippmann paintball gun brand was founded in 1986 and is known for its durable and reliable paintball guns that give you an advantage over your opponents. Tippmann’s prices range from $70 to $400, attracting a large audience in the USA.

All current Tippmann paintball guns use one of two different styles of barrel threads. If the thread on the barrel is very thick, you need to buy a “Tippmann 98” barrel. If your Tippmann paintball gun has a thinner/fine thread, you need to use an “A5/X7” barrel. Tippmann paintball guns are ranked number 1 in the paint ball guns space in the US.

What to look at When Buying a Paint gun

If you are looking for an opinion on a paintball gun that suits you the most, it all depends upon your personal preferences, for that you have to ask yourself some questions like What price range do you have? And What are the specs you are looking for in your marker?

Price Range

Similarly, the price range of paintball markers is very wide. You can get affordable models with prices as low as $200, while expensive models cost around $1,000 or more. Most paintball guns are moderately priced, ranging from US$200 to US$600.


Paintball markers can be divided into three basic types.

  • Pump paintball type is the oldest among all. The pump needs to be manually operated to launch.
  • Mechanical paintball guns are the most common marker in games. Mechanical markers are usually semi-automatic, which means they fire a shot per trigger. They are easy to maintain and reasonably priced.
  • Electronic paintball markers use an electronic solenoid to trigger the marker, usually powered by a 9-volt battery. It has a high rate of fire.


The accuracy of paintball guns varies from model to model. The factors affecting accuracy are the diameter and length of the barrel.

Accuracy is also affected by the propellant and the consistency of the paintball gun. Compared with other models, high-quality paintball guns provide the best accuracy. If you want to win the game, you need to consider this factor.


The weight of the paintball gun is another important factor to consider. High-quality paintball markers are lightweight and easy to hold. You should carry it with you during the game. The lighter model will help you move easily on the paintball battlefield and shoot easily and accurately.



Every player has different choices that affect their preferences. Compared with plastic models, metal guns are more robust and durable because they are designed to withstand harsh conditions. Make sure your paintball marker is durable.


To get the best paintball gun, you need to consider the design. Paintball guns come in various shapes and sizes. Some models are also equipped with an ergonomic design.

The shape of the paintball gun has a major impact on the accuracy and consistency of shooting. The compact and lightweight design are easy to operate because they provide greater coverage and targeting angle.

Top 5 Tippmann Paintball Guns

5. Tippmann 98 Custom (The most affordable choice)

Tippmann 98 Custom comes with a giant set. It is one of the most popular in the world. Tippmann 98 custom is best for beginners to casuals with the following features.

  • If you have a tight budget, this paintball gun for less than a few dollars.
  • It is easy to use, reliable, high performance, and can be easily upgraded.
  • The whole body is made of aluminum.
  • This paintball gun has internal components that can be quickly upgraded and modified.
  • It is comfortable to carry. Tippmann 98 Custom uses shatterproof technology to make it truly productive and ensure that the paintball will not break.
1. Maintenance is easy 2. Long life 3. Air- efficient 4. Easy to clean 5. customizable1. Somewhat hard to use for beginners  



4. Tippmann Cronus Tactical (The best for beginners)

Tippmann Cronus tactical paintball gun is ideal for beginners or intermediate players if you are looking for key features where they are

  • This paintball pen is reasonably priced and provides perfect precision.
  • The High-quality gun is designed to withstand environmental variations.
  • It uses an ergonomic design that is extremely comfortable to hold.
  • The Tippmann model is eye-catching.
  • It has a molded rubber handle with an internal gas line to further improve its comfort.
  • Equipped with a mechanical trigger, in-line bolt mechanism, 9-inch barrel length, HPA, and CO2 air capacity, it’s going to worth your money
  • Paintball guns will last for several years and offer a variety of customization options.
1. Reasonable price 2. Highly durable 3. Gas is always available 4. Precise positioning function 5. Efficient shooting ability 6. 3 shooting modes1. Short barrel  



3. Tippmann US Army Project Salvo (Best for Pros)

Are you looking for military guns for paintball shooting like a pro? If you want an exciting experience, Tippman US Army Paintball Marker is your best choice.

  • It can work effectively on-site due to its high-quality built-in structure.
  • Extra space in the magazine to store other important tools during the game.
  • It can modify the electronic and cyclone feeder versions
  • The cyclone feeder has an extremely high capacity of 200 balls, which boosts your confidence when shooting at opponents.
  • If necessary, you can switch from semi-automatic to fully automatic.

If you want to gain real-world combat experience similar to the US military, please continue to use this paintball gun.

1. Rugged body 2. Highly practical 3. Super shooting accuracy 4. 2-years warranty1. bulkier 2. lengthy


2. Tippmann Stryker XR1 (The most expensive choice)

Tippmann Stryker XR1, beginners to pro, is the most expensive choice you could be looking for, that comes with great features as well

  • Complete Electro-pneumatic marker
  •  You can have 4 firing modes: semi, burst, ramping and full auto
  • It comes with a visual indicator
  • It has Anti-Chopping Break Beam Eye System
  • It can switch from semi-automatic to fully automatic
1. Durable 2. Sustainable 3. Customizable 4. Multiple firing modes 5. Easy maintenance1. Expensive than others  


1. Tippmann X7 Phenom Assault (Best Choice overall)

Tippmann X7 phenom assault is definitely for beginners to pro

  • Tippmann X7 Phenom can also be devilishly customized. The tactical visual modification looks like a fanatic sitting on a light frame.
  • The paintball gun is equipped with a single-shot mechanical shooting, although you can always upgrade it to a fully automatic, single-shot shooting mode and 3-round E-Grip.
  • Another great feature is that if the battery runs out in the middle of the game, you can switch to a propellant-controlled single shot. In this way, you can always keep fighting.
  • You can switch the spray gun to safe mode and turn off the internal integrated circuit to save battery power.
  • This gun has a precise mid- and long-range, effective for wood-ball players. Combined with a compact and lightweight body, this is the ultimate choice for close quarters of Rec-ball/scene games.
  • In terms of price, it has won the favor of millions of advanced players. A top mark with multiple upgrade options and available accessories.
  • The series starts at $299
1. Insanely Customizable 2. Unbelievably quite 3. Versatile 4. Fast feed cycle1. Bulkier to some extent 2. Short barrel

Paint balling is so much fun, isn’t it? If you have the right paintball gun, you are more likely to gain a competitive advantage from other players. Also, it is worth mentioning that the electronic Tippman Paintball Marker is an excellent choice for improving shooting efficiency. As there are several Tippmann paintball guns with different characteristics and styles, we have selected the top 5 best Tippmann paintball guns according to your needs to make your work easier.

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